3007, 2017

Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing between World Precise and Siemens Motor

30 7 月, 2017|Company News|

On 29th. June, 2016, World Precise Machinery and Siemens Motor (China) has formally signed the strategic cooperation agreement, which made a new stage in the bilateral cooperating. "The top-notch technology

2211, 2016

To Build the Strongest Machine with Craftsman Spirit, World Press Cooperate with the Top Forging Press Giant

22 11 月, 2016|Company News|

In the morning of 22th. Nov. 2016, the general manager Ge Minglei of World Precise Machinery, and the chairman of Japan AIDA has signed comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. It indicates a formal "marriage" of

2805, 2016

Win-win Together – 2016 World Press Suppliers Meeting Was Held Successfully

28 5 月, 2016|Company News|

On 28th, May, 2016, World Precise Machinery held the meeting of suppliers exchange conference with more than 80 insiders from all over the country to discuss the current situation of the industry, share the experience,